Framasoft in figures, 2023 edition

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What is the concrete impact of our association’s actions ? That’s the question we like to answer at the end of the year : taking the time to quantify our actions is essential if we are to realise the service we can provide to others. Let’s get ready for Framastats 2023 !

🦆 VS 😈 : Let’s take back some ground from the tech giants !

Thanks to your donations to our not-for-profit, Framasoft is taking action to advance the ethical, user-friendly web. Find a summary of our progress in 2023 on our Support Framasoft page.

➡️ Read the series of articles from this campaign (Nov. – Dec. 2023)

Illustration de Hydroffice, un monstre serpentin à cinq têtes avec des crocs, ornées des logos des outils de la Google Suite
Click to support us and help push back Hydrooffice – Illustration CC-By David Revoy


As for our online services…

More than 1.8 million people visit our websites every month : that’s twice as many people as visit Disneyland Paris every month ! This figure is up 16 % on last year, so it’s pretty crazy (and very motivating) to think that what we do is useful to so many people. And what about service by service ?

Dessin d'un piaf sur la tête d'un éléphant, tous deux en position de kung fu.
Click here to support us and help Espéhef and Ahèmvé – Illustration CC-By David Revoy


Framadate allows you to create mini-surveys, for example to find the right appointment time. And in figures, Framadate is :

  • 33,785,780 visits in 2023
  • 1.2 million hosted surveys in 2023
  • 80,000 more surveys created than in 2022
Graph showing the number of visits (blue) and page views (orange) to Framadate


Framapad allows several people to write on the same document. Framapad is undoubtedly one of the largest Etherpad services in the world, with :

  • 510,900 pads currently hosted
  • Several million pads hosted since the launch of the service
  • 309,000 accounts on MyPads (+ 60,000 compared to 2022)
  • More than 5 million visits in 2023
Graph showing the distribution of pads according to our Framapad instances (annual, bimonthly, weekly, half-yearly, monthly pads and Mypads accounts).

Framalistes and Framagroupes

Framalistes and Framagroupes allow you to create email discussion lists. As the Framalistes server had reached its maximum capacity, we opened Framagroupes in June 2023 to continue offering this service, which we consider essential. Framalistes and Framagroupes are undoubtedly the largest discussion list servers in existence (excluding the web giants), with :

  • more than 1.1 million users
  • 63,900 open lists
  • An average of 280,000 messages sent per working day


Framaforms makes it easy to create online forms. Framaforms in figures :

  • 867,000 visits per month
  • 418,628 forms currently hosted
  • 172.289 forms created this year
Graph showing the evolution of visits (blue) and page views (orange) to Framforms (it’s going up !)


Framacalc allows you to create collaborative spreadsheets. It may also be the largest Ethercalc database in the world, with :

  • 4,235,879 visits in 2023
  • 218,000 hosted spreadsheets
Graph showing the number of visits (blue) and page views (orange) to Framacalc


Framateam is a chat service that allows teams to be organised by channel. It is probably one of the largest public Mattermost instances in the world, with :

  • 148,870 users of the service (5,582 of which log on daily)
  • 29,665 teams
  • 168,102 discussion channels
  • More than 43 million messages exchanged since the launch of the service
Graph showing the distribution of messages sent to Framateam over a month (note the very high usage during the week !).


Framagit is a software forge where developers can publish their code and contribute to the code of others. Framagit is probably one of the largest public Gitlab servers in France, with :

  • 70,679 hosted projects
  • 49,642 users
  • 8,966 forks
  • 149,789 issues
  • 91,623 merge requests
  • 1,764,909 commit notes
Screenshot of the Framagit homepage


Framacarte allows you to create maps online. And in figures, it’s :

  • 2,770,510 visits in 2023
  • 6,690 users (+ 1,246 in one year)
  • 170,845 hosted maps (+ 33,476 in one year)
Graph showing the number of visits (blue) and page views (orange) to Framacarte


Framatalk allows you to create or join a video conference room. And in numbers, that’s

  • 656,765 visits in 2023 (+45 % compared to last year)
  • An average of 75 active conferences with 200 participants per working day
Graph showing the number of visits (blue) and page views (orange) to Framatalk (note the huge spike during the year of lockdowns !)


Framindmap allows you to create mind maps. In numbers, Framindmap is :

  • 295,379 visits in 2023
  • 1.13 million hosted mind maps
  • 489,690 users
Graph showing the number of visits (blue) and page views (orange) to Framindmap


Framavox allows a group of people to meet, discuss and make decisions in one place. Framavox is probably one of the largest existing instances of the excellent Loomio software, with :

  • 119,633 users
  • 124.566 visits in 2023
  • 12.265 communities
Framavox – Illustration by David Revoy


Framagenda allows you to create online calendars. In numbers, that’s :

  • 260,000 calendars
  • 122.919 users


Framaspace is a collaborative working environment for small associations and groups. In numbers, that’s :

  • 850 associations and small groups not organised by Google
  • 750 new spaces to be opened by 2023
  • 16 servers (dedicated and virtual machines) providing 640 TB of storage
  • More than 800,000 hosted files
Une licorne déguisée en cosmonaute (avec une passoire sur la tête) marche sur les nuages et souffle des bulles. Dans ces bulles, on retrouve des cubes symbolisant le travail en commun (dossiers, boite à outils, livres, machine à écrire, boulier, etc.).
Framaspace – Illustration by David Revoy


PeerTube is the alternative to video platforms. And in numbers, it’s :

  • 300,000 users
  • 893,000 videos
  • 1,151 public entities
  • 287,000 comments on videos
  • 231 million views (a view is counted from 30 seconds)
  • 434 TB of files
  • 413 issues resolved in 2023 (out of a total of 4,360 issues handled)
  • 363,591 visits to
  • 2 employees (the 2nd joined the team in September !)
PeerTube statistics for the last 3 months of 2023 : instances, users, comments, videos, views and weight of videos


Mobilizon is our alternative to Facebook Groups and Events. In numbers, it’s :

  • 313,554 events
  • 29,789 users
  • 86 instances
  • 3,438 groups
  • 1 developer (not even full-time !)
Mobilizon – Illustration by David Revoy


Framadrive, the document storage service, is no longer open for registration, but it’s still working ! And in numbers, that’s :

  • 10.8 million files
  • 4,794 users
  • 2.6 TB of storage used


Framapiaf, an installation of the microblogging software Mastodon, is no longer open to new registrations, but remains very active. In figures, there are :

  • 1,500 users who have registered in the last 30 days
  • 850 users who have posted at least one message in the last 30 days
The care given to our online services – Illustration by David Revoy

Technical infrastructure

To the best of our knowledge, Framasoft is the world’s largest web host for online services. And a priori, this associative operating model doesn’t exist anywhere else ! In figures :

  • 58 servers and 60 virtual machines hosting our online services
  • 0.6 tonnes of CO2 equivalent for the annual electricity consumption of our technical infrastructure (our host, Hetzner, uses renewable hydro and wind energy)
  • 1 full-time sysadmin and 2 technical support staff
  • 1 full-time support person

Support Framasoft

The association and the cultural commons

The online services we provide to the public are not the only things that keep us busy. Here are some figures on some of the other things we’ve been up to this year.

Dessin dans le style d'un jeu vidéo de combat, où s'affronte l'éléphant et le piaf de Dégooglisonse et le monstre de Google Suite.
It’s thanks to your donations that Espéhef and Ahèmvé are facing Hydrooffice. Illustration de David Revoy


  • Framasoft has 28 volunteers and 11 paid employees
  • 45 presentations in 2023, face-to-face and/or online, on digital technology, the cultural commons and related issues
  • over 130 articles published on the Framablog in 2023
  • 2 books published by our publishing house Des Livres en Communs (in French)

Shared projects

  • 1,097 entries in the Framalibre directory
  • A training course and a MOOC created for ethical service providers
  • 21 service providers able to support associations in their digital emancipation, listed on the website
  • 5 study visits in 5 European countries for the ECHO Network project
  • 8 years of coordinating the CHATONS collective, which currently includes 91 alternative hosting providers

Support Framasoft

We need your help !

It’s thanks to your donations that we can guarantee the total financial independence of the association : the freedom to experiment, to continue, to fail, to stop, to continue our projects, from the most serious to the most mad, always in line with our associative project of popular education on digital issues and the cultural commons. And in figures :

  • 93 % of our budget comes from donations
  • 5,463 donors finance initiatives that benefit more than 1.8 million people every month
  • 70 % of the budget is spent on salaries
Breakdown of Framasoft’s budget (in order : Human resources, Servers and domains, Operating costs, Interventions, Communication, Project services, Bank charges and tax)


Once again this year, we need you, your support, your sharing to help us regain ground on the toxic GAFAM web and multiply the number of ethical digital spaces.

Barre de dons Framasoft le 28 décembre 2023, à 76% - 151079 €

If we want to balance our budget for 2024, we only have 3 days left to raise €48 000 : we can’t do it without your help !

Support Framasoft


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