PeerTube v6 is out, and powered by your ideas !

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It’s #givingtuesday, so we’re giving you PeerTube v6 today ! PeerTube is the software we develop for creators, media, institutions, educators… to manage their own video platform, as an alternative to YouTube and Twitch.

Let’s regain ground on the toxic web ! – Framasoft’s 2023 report

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A year ago, we launched our 2022-2025 roadmap, « Collectivising the Internet, Convivialising the Internet ». The aim : to encourage the adoption of user-friendly web tools by groups that share the values of Free/Libre culture.

Brussels,june 2023 : Diary of the second ECHO Network study visit

  As a reminder, the participants in the ECHO Network exchange come from 7 different organisations in 5 European countries : Ceméa France, Ceméa Federzione Italia, Ceméa Belgium, Willi Eichler Academy (Germany), Solidar Foundation (European network), Centar Za Mirovne Studije (Croatia), … Lire la suite­­

PeerTube v5 : the result of 5 years’ handcrafting

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Late 2017, we announced our desire to create a free, decentralised and federated alternative to YouTube. Five years later, we are releasing PeerTube v5, a tool used by hundreds of thousands people on a thousand interconnected platforms to share over … Lire la suite­­