To end the year in style !

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Once again this year, we asked David Revoy to illustrate our year-end campaign. And on this last day of 2023, it’s time to give a little nod to this important work !

🩆 VS 😈 : Let’s take back some ground from the tech giants !

Thanks to your donations to our not-for-profit, Framasoft is taking action to advance the ethical, user-friendly web. Find a summary of our progress in 2023 on our Support Framasoft page.

âžĄïž Read the series of articles from this campaign (Nov. – Dec. 2023)

Dessin de l'ensemble des mascottes de Framasoft dans leurs positions d'attaque.
Cliquez sur l’image pour soutenir l’ensemble des mascottes de Framasoft – Illustration CC-By David Revoy

An animated donation bar

Did you notice ? The monsters started the campaign very serenely, enjoying grilled data skewers. But as you donated more and more, they became more than a little concerned…

Our cheerful mascots face off against some rather repulsive Datavöres

Each Framasoft mascot, representing one of our projects, stood up to a monstrous, unattractive GAFAM. But did you notice that our mascots were showing signs of life ?

A little souvenir to download

After 7 weeks of presenting our projects to you via our mascots, we’d like to present them as wallpaper, available in three formats : HD landscape, 4K landscape, and portrait (mobile).

Once again, we’d like to extend our warmest thanks to David Revoy, who has been working with us since 2017 to illustrate our work and hopes with talent, heart and intelligence.

Find, under a CC-By free license, all the works Framasoft has commissioned from David on the site of his free webcomic Pepper & Carrot !


Thank you for contributing to our success !

Speaking of success, last night, we’ve reached our fundraising goal to meet our 2024 budget !

We’d like to take this last day of our review to thank all those who have worked, discussed, shared, supported, encouraged, criticized… and contributed to our actions. The Internet isn’t big enough to mention all of you at least as much as you deserve, but you know who you are and from the depths of our little hearts we modestly say : thank you.

Capture d'Ă©cran de la barre de dons Framasoft 2023 Ă  100% - 200 000 €
Thanks ! – Clock to visit the « Support Framasoft Â» website


Thanks to you, we’ll have the means to continue our work over the coming year (well, if some of you want to give us a bit more means, we won’t say no… but that’s not the point !). Above all, thanks to you, we feel supported.


We hope you have a wonderful end to the year, and we send you ou best wishes of emancipation, joy and freedom in 2024,

The members of the Framasoft association

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