Let’s regain ground on the toxic web ! – Framasoft’s 2023 report

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A year ago, we launched our 2022-2025 roadmap, « Collectivising the Internet, Convivialising the Internet ». The aim : to encourage the adoption of user-friendly web tools by groups that share the values of Free/Libre culture.

Brussels,june 2023 : Diary of the second ECHO Network study visit

  As a reminder, the participants in the ECHO Network exchange come from 7 different organisations in 5 European countries : Ceméa France, Ceméa Federzione Italia, Ceméa Belgium, Willi Eichler Academy (Germany), Solidar Foundation (European network), Centar Za Mirovne Studije (Croatia), … Lire la suite­­

PeerTube v5 : the result of 5 years’ handcrafting

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Late 2017, we announced our desire to create a free, decentralised and federated alternative to YouTube. Five years later, we are releasing PeerTube v5, a tool used by hundreds of thousands people on a thousand interconnected platforms to share over … Lire la suite­­

To understand and get started with PeerTube, check out the new

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2022 is definitely the year of our websites’ redesign : after the evolution of our services homepages, website and recently, it is now time for to get a makeover.