PeerTube v4, more power to help you present your videos

Customization, content discovery, empowering through more control… Here is an overview of the new version of our software solution to create alternative platforms to YouTube and federate them together.

Mobilizon v2, now matured, like a good French wine

Mobilizon is our answer to the question : « How can we make it so that Climate Walks and demonstrations are not organized on Facebook ? » This tool allows you to create groups, pages and events, without having to offer your data, update … Lire la suite­­

Forget about Framaforms-the-software, make room for Yakforms !

After several years, Framasoft has decided to stop the developments of its software Framaforms, which provides you the same name service. And to avoid any confusion between the software’s name and the service named Framaforms (which remains open, don’t worry), … Lire la suite­­

You are invited to contribute to the future « Contributing to Free-Libre Open Source Software » MOOC by Télécom Paris and Framasoft

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Interested in contributing to the contents production of a MOOC about FLOSS contribution ? You already have a contribution experience and think it can be useful to new contributors ? Join us !

Review of Framasoft’s actions in 2020 (excluding the lockdown period)

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Our actions are funded by your donations, increased by your contributions and are useful because you share them and make them your own. Therefore we wanted to take the time to make an review of our main actions carried out … Lire la suite­­